Since release 3.0, the Themosis framework is bundled with a mechanism to manage WordPress drop-ins.

Available drop-ins

The framework provides for now only the object-cache.php drop-in. In order to publish the drop-in file, run the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=themosis-dropins

The above command will copy the provided object-cache.php file directly into your application htdocs/content folder. The object-cache.php file is leveraring the Illuminate/Cache package and set object caching for WordPress using the cache driver sets in config/cache.php configuration file.

Uninstall drop-ins

In order to remove a drop-in file from your application, simply call the following command from your terminal:

php artisan dropin:clear

The dropin:clear command gives you a list of all WordPress drop-ins based on your installation (single or multisite). Simply select the drop-in you want to remove from the list and press enter. This will uninstall the drop-in file from your installation.


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