The Themosis framework is a tool aimed to WordPress developers of any levels. Its main goal is to provide a common coding structure and better tools for bespoke WordPress application development.

In order to provide those tools, the Themosis framework has always been inspired by the Laravel framework. With each release, we tried to implement concepts and packages from Laravel into the framework.

Themosis framework

Themosis framework is a tool to help you develop websites and web applications faster using WordPress.

The Themosis framework helps you structure and organize your code and allows you to better manage and scale your WordPress website and application.

Development team

The framework was created by Julien Lambé, who continues to lead the development.


Any help is appreciated. The project is open-source, and we encourage you to participate. You can contribute to the project in multiple ways by:

  • Reporting a bug issue
  • Suggesting features
  • Sending a pull request
  • Following the project on GitHub
  • Following us on Twitter
  • Sharing the project around you

For details about contributing to the framework, please check the contribution guide.


Read the installation guide


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