The Themosis framework provides the App\Hooks\Widgets Hookable class in order to register custom widgets for your application as well as a console command to scaffold a basic widget class.

Create a widget

You can create as many widgets as you want. Use the console make:widget command to create a new widget class:

php console make:widget LatestBooksWidget

The command will create a LatestBooksWidget class and store it inside the App\Widgets directory of your application.


namespace App\Widgets;

class LatestBooksWidget extends \WP_Widget
    public function __construct()
        parent::__construct('latest-books', 'Latest Books', [
            'description' => 'Display a list of the most recent published books.'

Register the widget

Now that your widget is created, you need to register it. Open the App\Hooks\Widgets.php file. The file is already registered inside the config/app.php file. See the hooks guide for more information on Hookable classes.

In order to register your widget, simply add it to the $widgets property of the Widgets hook class:


namespace App\Hooks;

use Themosis\Hook\Hookable;

class Widgets extends Hookable

     * Widgets to register.
     * @var array
    public $widgets = [


The register method defined inside the class will take care of registering all defined widgets. You can now use namespaces with your widgets classes.


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