The Themosis framework theme provides a folder where you can store your WordPress widgets classes.

You can create as many widgets as you want and save them inside the resources/widgets directory of your themosis-theme theme.

Here is an example of a custom widget:

// This file is stored in resources/widgets/MyCustomWidget.php
class MyCustomWidget_Widget extends WP_Widget
    public function __construct()
        $params = [
            'description' => 'The widget description',
            'name'        => 'My Custom Widget'

        parent::__construct('MyCustomWidget_Widget', '', $params);

The class name must be followed by _Widget in order to work and your file name should be the same as the class name without the _Widget suffix.

It is preferred to use camel case syntax for your class names.

Now you should have your custom widget available inside your WordPress administration.


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