• Fix router method uri() compatibility with Illuminate Router 5.4.
  • Fix HTML builder attributes method to handle numeric values.
  • Fix Illuminate Database Capsule configuration class and associated service container.
  • Fix metabox sections on save.



  • Plugin development.
  • Service container (Illuminate/Container).
  • Service providers.
  • Eloquent ORM and Query Builder.
  • Custom and WordPress routes (Illuminate/Router).
  • Controllers namespace.
  • Middlewares.
  • Blade template engine.
  • Twig template engine.
  • Taxonomy term meta.
  • Handle theme and custom plugin translations.
  • Finder class.
  • Custom post status now handles the trash status.
  • Taxonomy get() method to retrieve taxonomy properties.
  • Add Hook API and Filter class.
  • Add Whoops package for better stack trace and debug.
  • Allow custom attributes on assets using the Asset API.
  • Add assets to the Customizer using the Asset API.
  • Add custom checkbox label in both Form and Field API.
  • Theme Gulp, Webpack, Bower commands.
  • Allow regular expressions for environment configuration.


  • Add pagination method to Loop helper class.
  • Templates now use WordPress API. Templates can be defined for pages and custom post types (since WordPress 4.7).
  • Form select now handles numeric keys and duplicate values.
  • The media and collection fields can now handle multiple file types for selection(text, image, application, video, audio).
  • Add documentation to translate Blade (Scout) and Twig views with Poedit.
  • Allow no versions on assets.
  • HTML class attributes are now HTML5 attributes.
  • Change post custom fields save method. Now only the Collection and Infinite fields are stored in one serialized meta value.
  • Add inline code for any assets.
  • New helpers functions.
  • Add Page class a menu property in order to define a custom menu display title.
  • Add PostType instance() method to retrieve WP_Post_Type instance.


  • Fix custom taxonomy terms count for custom post type with custom status.
  • Fix Taxonomy translated names.
  • Fix PostType translated names.
  • Fix Metabox template property to show metabox based on page template only.
  • Fix registered actions being run twice.
  • Fix Page API and sub pages when not using tabs.


  • PostType getSlug() has been removed.
  • Form checkboxes() has been removed.
  • Ajax run() method. Use the listen() method instead.
  • The themosis_assets() must be replaced by the themosis_theme_assets() function.



  • Metabox make method has an option to define a custom template. Show the metabox only if page template is defined.
  • Page make method has an option to change the menu title.
  • View instance has a getData() method to retrieve all passed data to it.


  • Update class alias management. Revert back to theme only. READ UPGRADE GUIDE
  • Update custom statuses. Custom statuses are shown inside the quick edit panel.
  • Update page title tag to h1 for better accessibility (same as core).
  • Update custom fields styling on metabox with a side context.
  • Update PostType class for plugin development.
  • Update Taxonomy class for plugin development.
  • Update custom fields to define a save method (currently only used inside metabox containers).


  • Fix User API to not return an empty instance if user do not exists.
  • Fix missing value for theme support config file.
  • Fix duplicate message on custom sub-page attached to the general settings page.
  • Fix alphabetical order for loading admin files.
  • Fix theme restrict function with undefined index role.
  • Fix route match method to accept lowercase request methods.
  • Fix color custom field inside Infinite custom field.


  • Fix checkbox field in order to accept value equal to 0.
  • Update Option::get() method to retrieve one or a group of options.


  • Fix theme PSR-4 autoloading.



  • Action class.
  • Asset localize method.
  • Configuration API. Access any property at run-time.
  • Color custom field.
  • Field API.
  • Developers can now define custom attributes to custom fields.
  • Define custom attributes to checkbox's label tag.
  • Custom status for custom post type.
  • The PostType get method allows developers to retrieve defined custom post type property.
  • User custom fields.
  • Loop author method.
  • Loop date method.
  • @query can receive a WP_Query instance.
  • Specify custom ID to metabox.
  • Developers can now define custom display names for custom images.
  • Developers can specify multiple hostnames per environment.


  • Update the theme structure.
  • Refactor framework and theme bootstrap code which offers better performance and avoid hook conflicts.
  • Improve Option::get() method which can now return a group of settings.
  • Move the storage directory at project root.


  • Fix themosis_assets() function directory path.
  • Fix infinite field indexes.
  • Fix Meta::get() method issue with https rewriting.
  • Fix collection field limit property.
  • Fix loading of external assets. Developers can define the type of the asset if not found in the URL.
  • Fix Loop thumbnail method.
  • Fix post meta fields that save others posts meta as well.
  • Fix infinite field subfield removal.
  • Fix asset duplicates.
  • Fix page tab URI when used as sub-page.


  • The method PostType::getSlug() is deprecated. Use the PostType::get() method.



  • Date input and custom field.
  • Number input and custom field.
  • Password input and custom field.
  • Add a "required" validation rule.
  • Themes can now handle all WordPress theme support. The 'title-tag' and 'html5' supports are enabled by default.
  • Developers can now customize the display name of their page templates by using key/value pair.


  • Fix a menu script issue where accordion items were not working correctly.
  • Fix a GIF display issue on media field.


  • Fix form API. Allow developers to specify absolute or relative action attribute value to form tags.


  • Fix route API. Array argument was not taken into account for controllers.



  • Share data across all views using View::share() method.
  • Add support for view composers. Allows you to run custom code when a specific view is rendered.
  • Collection custom field. Add and manage group of media files.
  • Load theme custom classes using one loading config file.
  • Overwrite default class attribute on custom fields.
  • Define a custom view for your metabox.
  • Themosis-framework plugin is installed by default inside the mu-plugins directory.
  • Loop::postClass() method. Return post class attribute.


  • Update Media and Collection field UI with better preview of images and files.
  • Update Form::open() method where a developer can define custom nonce values.
  • Update metabox custom view. Get access to the WP_Post instance using the $__post variable.
  • Update Form::checkbox() method. Work as the Form::radio() method.
  • Update Field::checkbox() method accordingly.


  • Fix select custom field issue with numeric index 0.
  • Fix access to view data on a custom admin page.
  • Fix compiler for {{{ $var or 'default' }}} statement.
  • Fix route callbacks and class methods missing parameters when the main query is empty.
  • Fix form checkbox method to populate the value attribute.
  • Fix metabox options issue with not found indexes.
  • Fix Infinite custom field issue with numeric name attributes.


  • The method Form::checkboxes is deprecated and is replaced by the Form::checkbox method.
  • The custom field Field::checkboxes method is deprecated and is replaced by the Field::checkbox method.


  • Bump version of all packages to 1.0.7.
  • Unified changelog.


  • Add support for the default property of the custom fields.
  • Fix an issue with composer where other plugins get prefixed.
  • Fix the widget path for autoloading.
  • Fix taxonomy to use array as post type slugs.
  • Fix Asset class issue with external asset path.
  • Fix Asset class to use boolean false as dependency argument.


  • Fix styling issue on Media custom field.
  • Fix issue on Media custom field with images less than 100 pixels.


  • Fix route issue on controllers.


  • Fix validate method on Page class.


  • Fix issue where core classes use the class aliases.


  • Infinite and media field support translation.


  • Fix Infinite custom field where it duplicates rows.
  • Update the Infinite field UI.
  • Initial release.


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