Service providers

Work in progress guide.

  • Introduction
  • Write a service provider
  • Register the service provider


Since release 1.3, we can register Service Providers in order to customize our application.

Basically, services providers allow you to register objects into the service container, bootstrap your code or any libraries. For example, the full stack framework comes with a pre-defined RoutingService class that registers the theme and plugin routes.

One general rule to keep in mind is that service providers are always read before any other files located inside the resources directory. Meaning that if you need to define some dependencies or setup data before working on the WordPress administration or on the front-end side, service providers are the way to go.

Write a service provider

Service providers extend the Themosis\Foundation\ServiceProvider class which extends the Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider from Laravel. Service providers contain a register() and boot() methods.

Here is an example of a basic service provider for the theme. For this example, let's register the CommonMark class from the PHP League:


namespace Theme\Providers;

use Themosis\Foundation\ServiceProvider;

class DemoService extends ServiceProvider
     * Let's register any bindings through the help of the
     * register method.
    public function register()


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