The Meta class is an helper class to help you retrieve data of custom fields registered as post meta.

Basic usage

Meta::get($id, $key = '', $single = true);
  • $id: int. The post ID the field is registered to.
  • $key: string. The custom field $name.
  • $single: boolean. Simply return the value or within an array.

This class method is equivalent to the WordPress core function: get_post_meta().

For an example, let's first build a simple metabox with custom fields:

Metabox::make('Details', 'post')->set([
    Field::checkbox('channels', ['email', 'mail', 'morse'])

Then we want to retrieve the registered data:

// Should return a string
$name = Meta::get($post_id, 'name');

// Should return an array of one or more values
$channels = Meta::get($post_id, 'channels');


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